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panels and interviews


Delve into a world of fantasy, magic, and adventure as our skilled Dungeon Master leads you through an immersive Dungeons & Dragons live session.

Gather your party of brave heroes and explore the mysteries of a captivating realm, where your choices shape the story. 


Uncover Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Get ready to go behind the curtain and discover the untold stories and secrets that have shaped your favorite fandoms. Our panelists will share their journeys, challenges, and the magic that goes into bringing your beloved characters to life.
Interactive Q&A Sessions

As an attendee, you have the unique opportunity to participate in interactive Q&A sessions with the stars and creators themselves. Ask your burning questions and gain rare insights from the experts during these engaging discussions.
Diverse Topics & Themes

Our panel interviews cover a wide range of topics, from character development and world-building to special effects and costume design. Explore the creative processes that make your favorite universes so captivating.
Special Guests & Surprises

Expect an incredible lineup of special guests and surprise appearances during the panel interviews. Stay tuned for announcements and updates as we unveil the star-studded cast of this year's event.
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